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Animal Therapy

Provide physical, psychological and emotional benefits to this they interact with - this can be in a facility setting, a healthcare setting, assisted living, group home, school, daycare, library, churches and more!

Therapy horses are evaluated on ability to safely interact with a wide range of populations. 

Handlers are trained in best practices to ensure effective interactions supporting animal welfare. 

No special rights of access, except where welcomed. 

May not enter businesses with "no pets" policies or accompany their handler in the cabin of a plane. 

Service animals are trained to provide services in a different way and DO have the rights to access all places.

Our horses are not service animals. 

The human - animal bond is mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that positively includes the health and well being of both. 

When animals come to visit a facility there is more laughter and interactions among residents. It's easier to talk to residents during and after animal visits. 

The touch of an animal is safe, non-threatening and pleasant to most. It is easier to teach children to be empathetic with an animal rather than a human. 

Rather than thinking and talking about themselves and their problems, therapy animals provide a way for people to watch and talk to, and about the animals. Even people who may not like animals often enjoy watching their antics and reactions. 

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