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Volunteer Policies and Procedures

This Little Horse has a deep regard and respect for it's therapy animal teams and the important role that they play in meeting the needs of people they interact with. The following are the policies and procedures that we must adhere to for the safety of both animals and humans. 


This Little Horse Program Policies and Procedures

1. I will abide  by all This Little Horse (to be called TLH for the remainder of this section) policies and procedures, and I will adhere to the guidelines that are set forth in the TLH Guide and in associated updates. 

2. I will represent the program in a professional manner; for example, by observing rules of privacy and confidentiality, being on time for visits, not being under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and being well-groomed and professionally dressed in accordance with facility dress codes. 

3. I will uphold the code of ethics.

4. I will visit only with animals that are registered with TLH and with only one animal at a time I understand that for safety and liability reasons, visiting may not exceed 2 hours per team, per day.

5. I will make sure that each facility that I visit has access to these TLH policies and procedures, so that they understand what guidelines I already follow as a visiting team.

6. I will abide by all policies, procedures and precautions of TLH and each facility I visit. If TLH and my facility have two different policies on the same topic, the more conservative of the two will apply. 

7. I will be responsible for my animal at all times, considering it's needs and human care first and able all. 

8. I will always stay with my animal and remain in control of the situation with the lead in my hand. I will never tie animals to people, equipment or furniture while on a visit. 

9. I will clean up after my animal both inside and outside the facility and I will abide by any facility required clean up rules. 

10. For safety reasons, all animals must be on a lead and handlers must always hold the lead including breaks. A leather goat lead may be used when giving tandem walks. 

11. Before Each visit I will abide by the TLH grooming guidelines. 

12. I will visit only in accordance with the TLH health requirements. 

13. I understand that animals must not be on a raw protein diet at any time during their role as a therapy animal, and that animals from a household where a raw protein diet is fed are precluded from participating in the Therapy Animal Program. 

14. I understand that I am required to wear my TLH identification badge or shirt, in addition to any identification required by the facility or while promoting AAI (Animal Assisted Interactions) as a registered team.

15. I will not borrow money or personal items or receive any personal gratuity or gift, such as money or jewelry, from the people that I visit. Likewise, I understand that it isn't routinely acceptable to give gifts to the people that I visit, even small gifts, such as cookies or candy.

16. I will not charge a fee for services that I perform in my role as a therapy animal handler. As a 501c3 TLH will accept donations to the organization.

17. In the event of an accident or unusual occurrence, I will stop visiting immediately. I will report, without reservation, all details of the incident to TLH and follow TLH's direction, with the understanding that all information will be treated sensitively and with complete confidentiality. 

18. I will not take photographs of video of the people that I visit without first obtaining the signed consent of the client, or a legal guardian or custodian of the client. I will use the TLH photo and video release provided on TLH's website to obtain the clients' consent unless a facility provides its own photograph and video release form. 

19. I understand that I must obtain approved written permission from TLH for each proposed use of the TLH logo or name in conjunction with the logo or name of any other organization. 

20. When approaching a facility for the first time, I will find out whether any other teams are already visiting there or if there are facility animals present. If there are, I will respect those existing relationships while also making the responsible choice for TLH. 

21. Unless I am the owner of the horse, I will never trim manes or tails. I understand that trimming of the bridal path will also be completed only by those who have been trained. 

22. I will not take a horse on a non-TLH approved visit and never without the proper assistance and ratio of handlers:horse. 

Code of Ethics

1. Perform duties that are consistent with your position and training. 

2. Abide by the professional ethics of your preofession and organizations. 

3. Demonstrate a belief in and attitude of reverence for all life. 

4. At all times, treat animals, all people and the environment with respect and dignity and sensitivity, maintaining quality of life and experience for all who are involved. 

5. Be informed and educated about the aspects and issues that are related to AAI (Animal Assited Interventions).

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