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This Little Horse brings you a little horse power through our herd of miniature ambassador and therapy horses selected for their engaging personality, skills and temperament.  They are a part of This Old Horse, Inc., an accredited nonprofit sanctuary for retired, rescued and recovering horses.  Donations made for their personal appearances and participation in programs support their cost of care and contribute to the well being of other horses served by This Old Horse/This Little Horse.  Click here for details on scheduling personal appearances.


This Little Horse adds an adorable element to special events, fundraisers, parades and community festivals. 

Pet therapy

This Little Horse's miniature therapy horses visit nursing homes, hospice, assisted living and medical facilities and provide therapeutic companionship visits, reminiscing and that "horse smell" only horse lovers know. 


This Little Horse promotes literacy in young learners through the power of live horses and horse literature. Our mini horses read in preschools and grades 1-4

Special Delivery

The little pony express can deliver a gift, flowers, balloons or engagement ring to someone you love!

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