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Hay bags

Hay bags help reduce waste and slow the pace that the horse eats the hay. This can help reduce boredom and keep them from defecating on the hay, making it go to waste. We recommend the use of slow feeder (openings of 1x1) hanging hay bags.

Hot weather

During hot weather, there are special considerations to caring for the horses. The University of MN has suggestions on managing the heat.

Cold Weather

Are you ready for winter? The University of MN has suggestions for managing horses in the cold.

We are not service animals

Our horses that provide therapy services are NOT considered service animals. They are allowed in settings where pets are allowed, typically stores that welcome traditional animals, pet stores, some farm stores, etc. We take our horses into facilities and other places where we are invited.

Poisonous Plants

There are many plants that are harmful to horses. The University of MN put together this educational poster to help educate. Knowing what your horses come into contact with can help avoid problems.

Ice Management

Paddocks become slippery in the winter, the University of MN has suggestions for managing slippery surfaces for people and horses.

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