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Chief "Chi-Chi"

Chief is a 2007 Welsh Pony Gelding. He is has spent his life with Fiona "Fifi", they make an adorable couple. Chief is incredibly friendly and will approach anyone that enters the turn out. He is easy to catch, no known medical issues. He would love to be placed with his friend Fiona.

Fiona "Fifi"

Fiona is a 2007 Welsh Pony Mare. She has been with Chief "Chi-chi" her whole life. We don't know much about her background, however she was always treated well, can be hard to catch and relies on Chief to run interference for her. She is curious and interested in what is going on.


Shyanne is a mini paint. She is a 2017. She was being worked with to learn how to lunge, stands for the farrier, no underlying health issues. She is a smart girl and will challenge fencing to get to whatever she can on the other side of the fence. she requires a dry lot.

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