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There are a variety of ways you can join us, at various locations and capacities around town! The locations that the miniature horses are located are on private property. The property is owned by an individual who has been generous enough to offer space/housing for our horses. We do not have access to bathrooms or any structures of the property other than the area that the horses are located. This needs to be considered when agreeing to work with the horses in our program. We do not go to the house, look in windows or other structures or otherwise contact the property owner. Each mini farm has a specific human supervisor who is the main contact for the site and can train you on how things work at that particular site. All sites are overseen by the TOH barn manager. We currently have miniature horses located in Stillwater, Hastings and Farmington. Different sites have different requirements, schedules and procedures. Not every site is able to take volunteers in every capacity. If you are working at more than one location, you will need to work with the human supervisor for each site so that you understand the needs of each particular location. 

Support Crew

People who provide support to the horse and to the program at the barn such as grooming and bathing the horses and cleaning and prepping the transport vehicles. Support Crew members will primarily work with horse at their home base. They will assist in keeping the transport vehicles clean and stocked and also will help the horses with practicing good manners and groundwork skills. There is no certification needed, we will happily take volunteers wiling to clean out stalls, distribute hay/feed and groom our lovable little horses.

Community Crew

People who have passed basic horse handling and other required training provided by TOH/TLH and have been qualified for the role by a handler. Community Crew are members that provide support to the primary handlers during visits. This is a role that requires a skills check off. Handlers can also perform this role during visits if there is another handler for the horse. This includes grooming and accompanying the horse and handler on a visit to assist with horse management.

Feed Crew

Many of our minis are housed at locations where they are fostered, with the property owner allowing our organization to house minis on the property. Many times the property owner is not involved in the hands on day to day care of the mini and we could use people to help us feed and muck at those locations. Individuals/couples/families that are trained for and signed up for feed shifts at our "mini farm" or other locations. The tasks included are filling feed pans, filling hay bags, making sure water is working/filled, mucking stalls/paddocks and spending some time with the minis. 


People who have been assessed and certified as handlers through an independent or internal certification process using a standardized evaluation process to assess their horse handling and ability to independently manage and coordinate visits. Handlers make sure the horses are groomed and meet our standards for appearance. 


Sponsor or underwrite appearances for pet therapy and literacy in eligible education and health care programs.

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