Astrid is a beautiful 10 year old Fjord horse. She came to our program recently and was immediately adopted.


Shiloh is a charming and handsome 5 year old gelding. He came to us from another rescue and almost immediately made a match with his adopter. We are excited to see all that lies ahead for him.


Owen is a weanling that came into our program from a hardship case. He is an Appaloosa . He had a rough beginning as a newborn but has since had a soft landing within our program.


Olivia is a Quarter Horse weanling. She came into our program from a MHARF humane case out of another county. She is currently participating in our Soul Train program and learning what it means to be a good citizen.


Douglas came to us along with a group of several other minis who were not used to humans. He was adopted immediately by his "person" and his growth has been amazing. He recently was joined by a sister, Candace. We are so proud of how far he and his adopter have come and can't wait to see what lies ahead for them all. He is located at our Chrisalam Hills barn.


Candace is a sweet 1998 mare. We don't know much about her history, however she had not been handled for many years before coming to us. She is very sweet, and is so happy to have recently made a connection with her adopters and her new brother Douglas "Dougie". She is located at our Chrisalem barn.


Garbo is a 1998 mare, about 12 hh. She recently came to us and is mostly unhandled. She is a gorgeous girl who has been through a lot and just recently found her person. She is located at our Chrisalem barn.

Freyja came to our program with a few other horses from a surrender. She was recently adopted and is looking forward to all that her new life has to offer. She is located at our Chrisalem barn.


Sidsel came to us from another rescue. She was scooped up and adopted as soon as she got through our doors. She has some old friends here with her and has also made lots of new friends. She is located at our Chrisalem barn.

Gigi came to our program with a couple of her horse friends from a hardship surrender. She was immediately scooped up by an adopter who is eager to work with her and learning together what being a good citizen means. She is located at our Chrisalem barn.


Pemberton came to us from a different rescue, and has since been adopted and is charming everyone with his people skills. He is located at our Chrisalem barn.

Vincent "Vinnie"

Vincent is 4 years old and was surrendered to us from a hardship. He was adopted right away, and with those charming eyes, how could he not be! He is working on getting to know what it means to be a horse and become part of a family. He is located at our Chrisalem barn.

Catherine Paisley

Catherine was a "surprise" of the sweetest kind, and entered our program when her mom, who we didn't know was expecting, gave birth the spring of 2019! She is a full sister to Ruby, another therapy horse in our program, and their mom was in our program before finding a home. She is learning to be a good horse and hopes to grow up to be an amazing therapy horse! We are excited to see what she and her adopter can do as they start off on this journey together! She is located at our Chrisalem barn.


Mission is 6 years old and came from another rescue. She is working on being a good citizen and learning how to interact with others. Mission enjoys greeting everyone that she meets and also enjoys going to events and experiencing new things. Mission recently participated in the "Soul Train" program through This Old Horse, and also participated in 4H, winning an award for showmanship! She is located at a private home but often makes appearances at TOH/TLH!

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